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Collective E-mails Sending Crack + Download [32|64bit]

Collective e-mails sending Software is a tool that offers the ability to use many e-mail addresses at once to send one email. In addition to the easy sending of large numbers of e-mails it is able to send messages to multiple recipients.
Use of the plugin:
Using Sendmails it is possible to send a single mail to many recipients. The plugin is also able to collect information on the received mails.
You can use SendMails to send a lot of e-mails.
Collective e-mails sending Benefits:
Sending large amounts of e-mails quickly and easy, but you also easily save the cost of sending, which are much cheaper than the real costs of sending e-mails.
For instance, if the message sends are made ​​regularly, with a program you send many messages at once to addresses of recipients, you save money, because you pay for the mail send only one time, not several times.
During the edition of the plugin the user can define, for example, that all e-mails are to be sent automatically on your website. This can be done after the activation of the plugin.
The user can send from any e-mail address from the provider that the plugin is installed.
With SendMails, you can collect statistics about e-mails, such as where they are sent, how many were received, and who sent them, and you can view the status of the e-mails sent.
How to activate the plugin:
The user can easily activate the SendMails plugin for WordPress.
The steps to be carried out are:
1. Register at
2. Copy the key “5df9b988-d0fd-4f06-a8c1-b0364caa6601”
3. Install the plugin and copy the code.

This plugin is also designed to extend the functionality of the plugin SendMails, the minimalistic sending of e-mails to many recipients, to send a single message to many addresses, but all recipients are collected and optionally displayed on a statistics page.
How to use the plugin:
There is an installation and activation via shortcodes or the backend of the WP-Plugin.
Depending on the selected settings, the plugin can send

Collective E-mails Sending

SendMails is a system of multi-recipient mailing that allows you to create, send, receive, manage and receive messages.
SendMails is designed to give the users the possibility to distribute messages, containing data, to multiple recipients.
The tool allows you to manage the messages as they are received, creating a list of messages that can be saved and used for future distribution.
The multi-recipient mailing system is useful for sending messages to the users or groups of a mailing list, announcing an event, providing information about updates or changes, offering a discount or a coupon, giving a gift and so on.
SendMails is an effective system for sending messages to multiple email addresses. With its help you can distribute messages to recipients by clicking on the corresponding buttons, and you can control the delivery of your messages, choosing the characteristics of the recipients and the destination of the mail.
You can decide to receive the messages you send in the Inbox of your mail, or create a separate email account for this purpose.
With the help of the SendMails personal messaging interface it is easy to address the recipients of the message and send them various documents, files, links and even simple graphics.
You can use the advanced distribution features of SendMails, such as the option to send multiple attachments, but to have only the document or file delivered to the recipients.
With SendMails you can also send invoices, contracts and forms to the recipients of your email, and track the number of opened messages.
SendMails can be used to send messages to multiple email addresses, and also to send messages from a local file, and it has a security system that prevents the user from sending spam messages to his contacts.
Also, you can configure the system to send messages only when the computer and network are connected, or send the mail when the computer is powered on. SendMails allows you to send up to 5 messages per day without connection.
The SendMails system is very easy to install and use, it does not require special software to send messages, as it does not require to download or install any software. SendMails can be run directly from your computer.
SendMails runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
The SendMails system is free, and does not require any registration.
How to send and receive messages using the SendMails system:
The SendMails system lets you receive and send

Collective E-mails Sending Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Designed for sending e-mails from an office computer or a mobile device.
Operating in the background, as soon as you enter your personal corporate e-mail address or account number and a click of mouse, the program will go for a search and send one e-mail message per day. No registration. No password required.

Many addresses can be seen in a list of senders.
RSS-Feeds are supported.
RSS-Feeds are used to display the list of new messages to the mobile device or computer at a specified time.
Collective e-mails sending can be used for sending e-mails and e-mails with the option to send a ZIP file.
The program supports multiple character sets (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16).
It supports any number of recipients as well as a list of recipients.
It supports the possibility of sending e-mails with a ZIP file.
It supports a maximum number of files to be sent.
SendMails runs in the background and can be used without any windows or attention.
Collective e-mails sending has many more features. For example, there is a  built-in  notification system that will send a message to the recipients every time there is a change in the list of messages.  It is really a great tool for large organizations.
Collective e-mails sending is a very popular program and has been used by thousands of organizations around the world.

Collective e-mails sending in another languages:
Collective e-mails sending in Polish
Collective e-mails sending in Russian
Collective e-mails sending in Spanish
Collective e-mails sending in Finnish
Collective e-mails sending in English
Collective e-mails sending in French
Collective e-mails sending in Italian
Collective e-mails sending in German
Collective e-mails sending in Dutch
Collective e-mails sending in Swedish

The software is licensed as freeware. You can use SendMails free of charge for any kind of use.


Edit: recipients list, subject, password, recipient, password, address, and message
Email address and/or domain address list
Message text
Number of recipients (max)
Attach file (max)
Visibility of recipients address
Can send a message with a ZIP file

What’s New in the?

Do you need to send offers, anouncements about updates or changes? Do you need to send a message to multiple email addresses? Don´t you want every recipient to see addresses of other co-recipients? Don´t you want to rely on only insertion recipients list in copy (hidden)?
There needn´t to be only difficult and expensive webservices in marketing, but also relatively cheap however very effective software for collective sending of messages. SendMails is a handy tool that offers you the possibility to send personalized messages.

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System Requirements For Collective E-mails Sending:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher
Disc space: 10 MB
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT or AMD Radeon HD 2900 Series
Hardware Keyboard/Mouse (optional)
Please note: If you have your music and movies on a separate hard drive, you should select the “Game Drives” installation option.
If you