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A theremin is a musical instrument controlled by a performer with simple hand motions, and it is capable of generating eerie sounds that are used in concert music, movie soundtracks and more.
SpaceTheremin is an application that brings a virtual version of the instrument to your desktop, enabling you to generate a wide range of sounds using your mouse cursor. It offers comprehensive customization options, but it does not allow you to record the created sounds.
Powerful virtual theremin that enables you to perform numerous adjustments
SpaceTheremin provides you with six different oscillator types (sine, square, triangle, sinc, saw and pulse) and these can be used for both the waveform and vibrato wave.
Additionally, it is possible to adjust the pitch range, set the vibrato depth and frequency, as well as specify if the pitch and volume ranges should be logarithmic or linear.
Moreover, you have the option of enabling the Modulation function, which increases the maximum range of the vibrato frequency to 8000. By setting this slider in the audible range you can generate interesting two-oscillator frequency modulation sounds.
Intuitive application that offers very simple controls
Once you have configured the necessary parameters, you can click the Start button and begin moving the mouse cursor over the image. The application will generate various sounds depending on the cursor’s position.
Although the created sounds are not likely to be particularly enjoyable, it might have been nice if you had the option of recording them.
Fun application for theremin enthusiasts
SpaceTheremin does not have too many practical uses, but it allows you to generate some very interesting sound effects with simple mouse movements. Numerous parameters can be customized, so you can easily let your imagination go wild.
While the application does not come with a local user manual, you can consult the documentation provided online to get a better idea of how it is designed to be used.


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Spacetheremin is a music-making application that lets you easily generate various sounds with a click of your mouse. Simply move the mouse around and generate various effects, just like a real theremin. SpaceTheremin allows you to control many features, like the oscillator waveform, the pitch range, volume and vibrato frequency.

This is the full version of SpaceTheremin.
SpaceTheremin – DeepNotes is a virtual Theremin with preset soundscapes. The final melody is always the same, but it can be played over and over again, making it perfect for both entertainment and learning purposes.
More info:

SpaceTheremin – DeepNotes is a virtual Theremin with preset soundscapes. The final melody is always the same, but it can be played over and over again, making it perfect for both entertainment and learning purposes.

SpaceTheremin is a fun app for generating theremin sound effects with your mouse. The app allows you to generate various sounds, like sine, square, triangle, saw and pulse waves, as well as pitch and volume changes. The app is completely free for anyone to download and use.

SpaceTheremin is a music-making application that allows you to generate a wide range of sounds with simple mouse movements. It is created for fun and entertainment, and not for professional purposes. You can use it to generate music or simply experiment with it.

SpaceTheremin is a free, easy-to-use application that generates a wide range of sounds by generating a melody with a certain depth, vibration and even a pitch. The application is absolutely free to use and it has been designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind.

SpaceTheremin is a powerful virtual Theremin that allows you to generate sounds with simple mouse movements. It is completely free for anyone to download and use. SpaceTheremin provides a wide range of options, including waveform, pitch, vibrato depth and frequency, as well as additional parameters. This instrument has been created to produce sound effects for live performances, educational purposes and more.

SpaceTheremin is a very popular free virtual Theremin application that lets you generate numerous sounds from simple mouse movements. The application is completely free for anyone to use and has been designed for both entertainment and educational purposes.

SpaceTheremin is a very powerful virtual Theremin application that generates a wide range

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KeyMacro creates and manages macros that are triggered by any key combination.
SpaceTheremin 2022 Crack can be used in tandem with the KeyMacro application. This way, you can perform a series of keyboard commands and create a new sound using the SpaceTheremin Torrent Download application.
This combination is ideal for live performances as you will be able to trigger the Macro of your choice as you play your instrument, then you will be able to stop the sound.
Next to that, you will be able to configure the Macro to play automatically on specific keyboard actions.
The amount of configuration options you get with SpaceTheremin Crack Keygen and KeyMacro is impressive, so we definitely suggest that you try them out.
KEYMACRO Full Features:
A sound that you can save to the record button
With its sophisticated wave-shaping technology, KeyMacro makes it easy to perform more complex waveforms.
The application can save the generated sound to the record button or simply save it to the desktop.
Simple interface
While KeyMacro can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux, it is optimized for Microsoft Windows.
The main interface is not particularly complex, but it does have a multitude of different functions.
It can be controlled using the keyboard and features various configuration options.
Function buttons
KeyMacro supports some of the most important keyboard functions. For instance, you can select a specific key, start recording or stop the sound.
The application is very flexible, and it is possible to create your own macros. The “Edit” button offers a configuration screen where you can edit the existing options.
Configuration options
You have numerous options when it comes to configuring the different parameters.
You can adjust each function, and it is possible to set the amount of milliseconds that the macro is active, the time delay and the playback frequency.
You can also change the sound pitch and the position of the waveform oscillator.
There are plenty of options to play with when it comes to creating your own macros.
What’s in the Box?
The application comes with a user manual and a collection of sound examples.
There are some music and sound examples as well, including a recorder that lets you capture and save the generated sound.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool that enables you to configure and trigger complex macros.
The application also offers a wide range of configuration options, which makes it possible to create sounds of all sorts.
KeyMacro is not necessarily

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Arduino-piano is a simple piano sequencer that uses the Arduino Uno microcontroller to work and control the notes played on a traditional piano. The application provides you with complete control of how the MIDI data is generated and processed.
Arduino-piano is a MIDI sequencer for your Arduino-enabled electronic piano.
The Arduino-piano software can be used to generate different sound effects.
This application allows you to generate different notes to play, creating harmonies, chords and more.
Intuitive application that allows you to select how your music will sound
The application is intuitive because it offers you a simple interface that has just four buttons, and three sliders.
After you have installed the Arduino-piano application, you can easily set the values of the buttons and sliders and start playing on the piano.
Next, you can either type in the MIDI notes, or you can use the sound list to play the notes you have defined.
Arduino-piano does not have any user manual, and the only documentation available is a step-by-step guide that covers how to use the application.
Practical application that allows you to create music
The application can be used to create a wide range of different sounds, whether for concerts, films, commercials, videos, web pages, educational programs or even to help your children learn to play the piano.
Arduino-piano is a very practical application that can help you create a wide range of sound effects.

Kittens on a Piano is a very simple piano sequence, but it is also a great way to introduce your toddler to music.
Kittens on a Piano is an educational application that consists of a series of videos of kittens playing on a piano.
Each video shows one of the kittens playing the corresponding note, and the kitten plays the piano to the note.
The duration of each video is also shown, allowing you to precisely determine how much time has passed since the beginning of the sequence.
The application has four videos, and each of these is designed to teach a particular concept of music theory.
In addition to the videos, the application includes a user manual and some additional educational materials that are also educational.

Classical Piano is a fun and educational piano application for Android devices.
Classical Piano is a free application that helps you learn to play the piano.
It offers you the ability to play six different pieces in three different modes: lesson, play and

What’s New in the SpaceTheremin?

1.How to install:
You must have java software installed in your computer or laptop before installing SpaceTheremin.
Please download the space theremin application from the link:
When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file.
The installation window will appear, please follow the instruction on-screen.
2.How to Use:
1.Run SpaceTheremin application.
2.Open the SpaceTheremin Settings window.
3.Select the desired options for setup.
4.Now, click the Start button and follow the instruction.
5.Have fun.Mikhail Rovno (band)

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System Requirements For SpaceTheremin:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux & MacOS
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, AMD Athlon X2, AMD FX-51, AMD FX-63, AMD FX-83
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. It must be a card supported by Microsoft Windows and it must be a card that supports a Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 operating system