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UMLSpeed Torrent Download is a compiler for a very simple C-style language.
The only commands are declarations, which define the structure of a model.
Entities, which are “things” in the model, are declared by the user, they are not generated by UMLSpeed.
UMLSpeed can be considered a declarative approach for UML.
Diagram components, which are actually entities, are laid out one by one according to the user’s requirements.
The layout algorithm is based on a W3C algorithm for declarative layout of HTML, so components are laid out one by one, in order to minimize size and screen space.
It is important to note that diagram components are created by the user (the designers) and not by UMLSpeed.
The language allows the user to reuse the same components in multiple diagrams.
UMLSpeed is:

Small: the syntax and data structures are simple, very close to the mental model.

Fast: UMLSpeed is optimized to be as fast as possible (compiling to SVG) and to quickly load the model on the screen.

Powerful: UMLSpeed allows users to declare entities and diagrams, and even allows access to predefined classes (reuse of other models).

Tested: As a (very) small programming language, it was tested in some situations such as calling methods, static methods, user defined exceptions, arrays.

Flexible: Declarations can easily be edited by hand.

As a development tool, UMLSpeed is simple and natural to work with, developers can quickly try out new ideas and changes, and change the layout of a model without having to redraw it.
But as a tool for large projects, UMLSpeed is powerful and efficient.
With the right tool and the right approach, designers can communicate with developers at a lower level, and the relationship between designer and developer is closer.
For further details, please read the User Manual.

Language Overview

UMLSpeed is a very simple declarative language, which uses a small set of commands to declare diagrams.
The only commands are:

Declare a diagram,

Declare a class,

Declare a component

Declare a relationship between components

A diagram is defined by a set of components and relationships, and it is possible to declare entities, entities and relationships all at the same time.
Every component (entity) is

UMLSpeed Crack+

– Run in batch mode, building a UML model in the specified folder.
– Run in GUI mode, providing a UML model viewer.
– Helps recover from error by automatically setting text from original text files.
– Designed for the Windows environment.
– Written in Visual C++ 6.0 (requires VS 2008).
– Compiler options:
o Arrange UML elements by language type, class, superclass, interface and implemented interface.
o Provide class names for sub-elements.
o Generate XML or binary model files, or both.
– XML:
– Allows creation of flexible UML diagram structures.
– Compatible with other UML tools.
– XML graphs can be compressed with GZip.
– Generate XMI files for use with the UMLModeler.
– Metamodel:
– Allows creation of graphical domain models.
– Support for tagged entities.
– XML file can include imports from other XML files.
– Supports C++ classes and derived classes.
– Allows inheritance and association diagrams.
– Includes support for class diagrams and entity diagrams.
– Classes and interfaces can be grouped.
– Supports the notation shown in the screenshot.
– Can add additional diagram templates to the list of available ones.
– Automatic generation of textual documentation.
– Support for grouping diagrams.
– Support for aligning diagrams to the left, center and right.
– Support for embedding diagrams inside other diagrams.
– Can include images, diagrams, text and other components.
– Can embed XMI (or binary) diagrams into a list of diagrams.
– Can export to PDF or PostScript.
– XMI (or binary):
– Allows generation of graphical UML models, such as class and sequence diagrams.
– Can embed elements from other diagrams, such as images, diagrams and text.
– Supports C++ classes and derived classes.
– Supports inheritance and association diagrams.
– Can include images, diagrams, text and other components.
– Has a visual editor to create UML models and diagrams.
– Can export to a range of UML formats, including PDF, SVG, PostScript and XMI.
– Visual editor for creating a UML model, containing features such as:
o Support for syntax highlighting
o Support for a help window
o Syntax highlighting for attributes, annotations, text and comments.
– Can show

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User Guide





License Agreement


UMLSpeed is a UML compiler that generates valid XML UML and dumps XMI to standard output.
The language is a dialect of C and is closely related to Visual C++ and many other languages.
It is extremely compact in terms of the number of keywords and statements compared to other languages.
The following features can be used:

All UML elements

All UML-specified annotations

Class diagrams

Class diagrams with inheritance and class diagrams without inheritance

All object and attribute diagrams

All sequence and activity diagrams

Sequence and activity diagrams with concurrency

Sequence and activity diagrams without concurrency

Attribute diagrams

Class-diagram to XML

Object-diagram to XML

Class diagram to XMI

Object diagram to XMI

Sequence diagram to XMI

Activity diagram to XMI

Sequence diagram with concurrency to XMI

Activity diagram with concurrency to XMI

Sequence diagram without concurrency to XMI

Activity diagram without concurrency to XMI

Multiple diagrams in one XML file

Diagram separators

Diagrams from text sources

Diagrams to text sources

Diagram export

Diagram import

Diagram event handling

Diagramatic errors (warning, error, info, etc.)

Diagramatic debugging (with steps, etc.)

User-interface dialogs


Visual C++ compatibility

Code generation and design-time use


This compiler provides a simple and easy to use UML model for specifying UML diagrams.
UMLSpeed is a minimalistic language, but with a handful of well-chosen keywords
and a host of mathematical functions.
Programmers will be able to express UML quickly and easily.
It is also simple to develop, because the model can easily be checked by a compiler.
Object-Oriented Programming with C++ compilers can be used with a few simple minor modifications.


An extremely simple language used for describing UML diagrams.
There is only one state and one kind of statement.
UMLSpeed can be used to specify diagrams without specification of the data type for the variables.
The language has some

What’s New In?

UMLSpeed is an easy to use compiler for a simple, C-style language also allowing declaration of UML entities and diagrams.
Diagrams can be compiled into SVG and the entities to XMI for use with other tools.
A declarative approach is closer to the mental model used by developers when designing systems.
Why should we lay out diagram components when the computer could do it for us?
Graphical UML tools are bloated, huge, memory and disk-hogging monsters.
Graphical UML tools use either a binary data format or XML, which is not particularly friendly to source code control systems.

Comparison to other tools:

UMLSpeed is an object-oriented editor for UML models. A graphic UML-to-textualizer for diagrams. It can also be used for the development of UML models and a textualizer for the graphical model.
* This product contains:
* UMLSpeed – Modeling program
* UMLSpeed – Visualization program
* UMLSpeed – Textualizer for UML diagrams

UMLSpeed Requirements

* UMLSpeed can use the OpenUML project and provides native support for OpenUML models.
* UMLSpeed uses XMI as the default output format.
* UMLSpeed has been designed for the personal computer platform.
* UMLSpeed requires no outside dependencies.
* UMLSpeed uses a simple, C-style language.
* UMLSpeed can be compiled for native Windows, Linux, Solaris, and OS X.
* UMLSpeed is available for download as a source code distribution.
* UMLSpeed can be compiled for DLL or statically linked into the executable.

Diagram and Modeling Features:

* UMLSpeed is compatible with UML 2.0.
* UMLSpeed allows for the declaration of UML entities in a simple, C-style language.
* UMLSpeed allows for the creation and modification of diagrams and models.
* UMLSpeed can be used for the creation of diagrams and models.
* UMLSpeed can be used to import diagrams and models created in UML-2.0 compliant tools.
* UMLSpeed can be used to view and edit the contents of diagrams and models imported from other tools.
* UMLSpeed can be used to edit the contents of UML-2.0 compliant diagrams and models.
* UMLSpeed can import and export from the OpenUML project.
* UMLSpeed can generate diagrams and models based on a high-level language description of UML diagrams and models.
* UMLSpeed allows for the definition of UML entities using a simple, C-style language.
* UMLSpeed allows for the declaration of classes and associations using a simple, C-style language.
* U

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.7 Lion (64-bit)
Windows 7
Steam OSX installer only
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A New Beginning uses the latest and greatest versions of the Wolfenstein 3D Game Engine, W3G, and the latest OpenAL re-release (revision 16). Please visit the W3G Website for more information:!/?p=2414