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VidePub X64 [2022-Latest]

VidePub Cracked Version is a program designed to remove certain parts of your video content. It is known for its barebones interface and limited capabilities.

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VidePub Crack With License Code Download

VidePub is a video cutter designed to offer you an easy way to create video edits. You can use it to cut commercials from TV shows, which is very convenient since in most cases, this sort of process can be highly inconvenient. With this program, you can remove logos from video files and remove annoying titles from movies. Furthermore, this utility allows you to rename your clips with a new file name, including adding a timestamp or a subtitle.
The user guide is available in the program, so that you can easily learn how to use the program. Also, it’s easy to navigate through the toolbars.
VidePub offers several ways of editing video content, which allow you to carry out complicated tasks at a fast pace. First, you can use the Move and Rotate tools to change the position of your video content in relation to the current location. You can either use the dials or simply type in the coordinates for desired positions.
Next, you can change the Size of your clips, so that you can either make your video bigger or smaller.
In addition, you can use the Timestamp tool to insert or remove the time at a precise time on your video.
A useful feature is that you can add a subtitle, but the software can also detect subtitles already present in your clips.
If you want to detect and remove commercials from a video file, you can use the Commercial Remover tool. This feature scans through a video, detects all commercial breaks and allows you to remove them.
In conclusion, VidePub is very useful if you want to produce video edits. You can cut commercials from TV shows or remove logos from movies and you can also customize your video file by renaming it and appending a timestamp or a subtitle.

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VidePub saves the time of editing video files. You can split the video file into several parts to meet your personal preferences. You can use the program to edit certain parts of video files in a specific order or simply save the video file in a new name and format. It also makes your video file smaller in size and can be converted to avi format to be played on any portable devices.


The user guide is provided with the program to help beginners.


The program requires Visual Studio 2010 for certain features to work.

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What’s New in the VidePub?

VidePub is a free application for Windows that helps you to record, edit and cut videos. It is a powerful video editing tool that lets you trim unwanted parts from video files. You can easily detect and remove logos and other video overlays from your video recordings.

Although VidePub works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, it does not support 64-bit versions of any of these operating systems. Also, this program is not compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and RT 8.

VidePub is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It should be also mentioned that it is compatible only with 32-bit versions of all the aforementioned operating systems. Therefore, it is recommended that you should install this utility on a 32-bit version of Windows, since the application uses a 32-bit version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (VCRedist2010) to run.
To install the VCRedist2010 package, go to the Microsoft website and download it.Q:

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